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Conservation Corps

💰 $4500+ Donated

Here at Seaside we strive everyday to fulfill our dream of a #GreenerNL. To help make this vision a reality, we have partnered with the Conservation Corps of Newfoundland & Labrador. Every purchase you make

Sustainable Manufacturing

💧 345,000L of Water Saved, ⚡️ 14,487KWH of Energy Saved, 👣 Carbon Footprint Lowered by 15%

♻️ Minimal Waste Philosophy ♻️

🌸 460,456 SqFt of seed paper distributed

At Seaside, proper waste management is among our top priorities. Here are some of the many things we are doing to minimize unnecessary waste and nurture our minimal waste philosophy.


Seed Paper: Seed paper is a great alternative to traditional paper for several reasons

Jute Twine: A completely compostable resource that eliminates the need for plastic fasteners destined for our landfills or our oceans

Upcycling Take Back Program: Fast-fashion is the second most environmentally harmful industry in the world (second only to the oil industry) and has major adverse effects on the lives of millions of people living and working in the industry out of impoverished countries. Fast fashion is one of three serious world problems that Seaside hopes to help fix.

Reusable Totes & Boomerang Bags:

Recycled Cardboard Shipping Boxes & Packaging: