Free doorstep delivery to St. John's & surrounding areas!

At Seaside, we are committed to keeping your shipping/delivery costs as low as possible. That's why we offer a variety of discounted delivery rates, a pick-up option, and work alongside Canada Post to ensure you get exactly what you need. For your convenience, we have installed an app that allows you to see shipping costs directly in your cart! The app uses geolocation to calculate applicable shipping/delivery rates; however, we recommend adding your postal code to get the most accurate rates possible.

Canada Post rates are automatically calculated using the weight of your order, and your shipping address. Expedited Parcels ship within 1-7 days, Xpresspost ships within 1-3 days and Priority ships within 1-3 days. Our local delivery rates are as follows:

Local & Discounted Provincial Delivery Rates

1) Local Doorstep Delivery Zone 1

This rate applies to all orders. Eligible postal codes must start with A1M, A1A, A1B, A1E, A1N, A1L, A1C or A1G

2) Local Doorstep Delivery Zone 2

This rate applies to all orders. Eligible postal codes must start with A1S, A1H, A1W or A1K

3) Local Doorstep Delivery Zone 3

This rate applies to all orders. Eligible postal code starts with A1X

4) Free Local Doorstep Delivery!

This rate applies to orders over $75. Eligible postal codes must start with A1M, A1A, A1B, A1E, A1N, A1L, A1C, A1G, A1S, A1H, A1W, A1K or A1X

5) Free Province Wide Delivery!

This rate applies to orders over $150. All Newfoundland and Labrador postal codes are eligible.

6) Free Scheduled Pick-up!

This rate applies to all orders. The scheduled pick-up times and locations are determined before the arrival of each order and are communicated to you via email.

Due to the large area covered by postal codes starting with A0A, we are not able to automatically generate local delivery rates for customers in those areas. If you have an A0A postal code and would like to know if you are eligible for local delivery rates, please contact us. We will get back to you promptly with any applicable custom delivery rates and program them into our system for future purchases.  

Letter Mail Shipping Rates

We realize that shipping rates can be a real bummer and that shipping across Canada can get quite expensive! That's why we utilize Canada Post's oversized letter mail to get you the absolute cheapest shipping rates for your single item purchases. The rates can be applied to all of our short sleeve and long sleeve Seaside T-Shirts!

Sending your homesick loved ones some local Newfoundland Seaside Apparel just got a whole lot cheaper!

Delivery Process
(In-Stock Products)

We get to work preparing your order for shipment/delivery as soon as you finish your checkout! Shipments through Canada Post are packaged, labelled and dropped off at a local shipping point within 1-3 business days. Local deliveries are also completed within 1-3 business days (weather permitting).