Your Impact

Wondering how your purchase makes a difference? Well you've come to the right place! Let's walk you through all of the ways that you're helping us make a difference!

It all starts with a great PRODUCT...

1) All of our products are made entirely from recycled materials! Our apparel is created from reclaimed cotton scraps and post-consumer plastic water bottles. Together with our partners at Recover Brands, we take the “waste” from the fast-fashion and plastic industries and turn it into quality products; extending the life of those materials by several years. One of our biggest long-term goals is to bring some of the fabric manufacturing to Newfoundland. For the time being, all of our recycled fabrics are created in North Carolina.

2) Unlike most bottom-line oriented fashion brands, Seaside Apparel is ethically cut and sewn in Co-op facilities in Haiti and Guatemala. Our partnerships help improve their local economies and provide community members employment with fair wages and a safe working environment.

3) Compared to a normal shirt, the production of our products reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 35%, reduces water consumption by over 55%, and reduces energy consumption by over 66%. Furthermore, the water and chemical-intensive dying process has been removed altogether.

Then we focus on COMMUNITY...

4) To make our vision of a #GreenrNL a reality, a portion of every sale goes directly to our local clean-up initiatives. We are creating partnerships with Clean St. John's, the Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium and the WWF to organize and facilitate cleanups all around Newfoundland.

5)When you choose Seaside Apparel, our logo becomes a symbol of your efforts to make everyday decisions that benefit your community and the planet. Together we’re making a commitment to our environment and to the fair treatment of all people. We are building a community and network of like-minded individuals striving for a better tomorrow.

6) We’re committed to educating Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans about the impacts of plastic pollution, overconsumption, and fast-fashion. We use our Facebook page and Instagram feed to share stories and news from around the world to get people talking about these major issues. We also share sustainable living tips (mainly small everyday actions) that we can all implement to help make a difference!

And finish by taking RESPONSIBILITY for our textiles and waste...

7) We care about the lifecycle of our textiles and have established a Take-Back program to ensure our products stay out of landfills. The Take-Back program is a clothing return program that allows us to upcycle our textiles for many years to come. We have partnered with Choices For Youth and together, in January 2019, we will be launching a pilot project that will be the first step towards reaching our upcycling goals. We will be teaching at risk youth the skills necessary for working in the sewing industry and applying those skills in the manufacturing of upcycled denim tote bags. These upcycled products will be manufactured right here in Newfoundland using excess denim from the Neighborhood thrift shops.

8) To further reduce waste, Seaside Apparel has adopted a “Zero Waste” philosophy. Essentially, we make use of recycled, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable products wherever and whenever possible. For example, many of our promotional products are printed on seed paper. Seed paper is a plantable paper that sprouts wildflowers which are beneficial to a healthy bee population. Our goal is to keep as much material out of landfills as possible.

9) We understand our part in the Newfoundland economy and use local products/services whenever and wherever possible! For example, we're proud to have our products locally screen printed at Living Planet. Beyond our apparel, we are also creating and sourcing a variety of eco-friendly products made entirely from local resources and materials.