The Process

You might be asking yourself how a plastic bottle and a few small scraps of cotton can be transformed into the super soft and comfortable shirt you now call your favourite! The process begins with changing how we think about our waste. At Seaside, we are busy taking discarded materials and upcycling them into great new products. Essentially, we refuse to let what people consider to be "waste", actually go to waste, and end up in landfills. To understand the rest of the process, let's take a look at the flow chart below:


So What's The Big Deal?

The big deal is that our process is as earth friendly as it gets! Our mission is to create TRULY sustainable products, from start to finish, with zero compromise. That means that we have the environment and sustainability in mind every step of the way.

Our brand was born out of necessity. Overconsumption, plastic pollution, and the fast-fashion industry have been wreaking havoc on our planet for quite some time and it's our job to fight back. The big deal, is that with your support, we're making a difference! Here's what makes our products so awesome!

1) Unlike most clothing companies, we aren't taking our "raw material" resources directly from the earth. Instead, our materials consist of the "waste" created by the overconsumption of clothes and plastic. We're literally picking up after those industries.

2) By sorting the cotton scraps by colour early on in the process, we're able to avoid the water intensive chemical dying process altogether! An average t-shirt uses between 16-20 L of water during the dying process. The dyes themselves do not all bind to the textiles, and 10-15% of dyes end up being released into the environment. These toxic dyes can have an array of negative consequences on ecosystems.

3) All in all, compared to a normal t-shirt, our process reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 35%, reduces water consumption by over 55%, and reduces energy consumption by over 66%

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